Bereavement is the experience of losing someone important to us. It is characterised by grief, which is the process and the range of emotions we go through as we gradually adjust to the loss.

Losing someone important to us can be emotionally devastating – whether that be a partner, family member, friend or pet. It is natural to go through a range of physical and emotional processes as we gradually come to terms with the loss.

Bereavement affects everyone in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to feel. Many people find it difficult to talk through their grief with family or friends

I provide a safe and non-judgemental environment where you can process difficult emotions, and I help you to come to terms with your loss over time.


Shyness, anxiety, shame, relationship difficulties, finding ourselves repeating negative patterns or self-harming behaviours and depression can be some of our experiences arising from low self-esteem.

How we feel about ourselves or our perception of how others feel towards us, are significant in how we develop our sense of self-worth. Whether we feel good about ourselves and see ourselves as individuals of value, can have a huge impact on how we function in the world.

The belief systems that we develop about ourselves, others and the world e.g “I’m not good enough why should I expect anyone to care for me”, can leave us feeling emotionally stuck in our life.

Working together, I can help you to explore your sense of self and your belief system, so that you can gradually change your view of yourself.


Couples are exposed to daily pressures and stresses. This can lead to worries and anxiety relating to emotional issues, financial concerns, social and sexual issues which can affect both partners in a relationship. These external pressures can add to existing problems within the relationship e.g.  fears, doubts, sex & intimacy issues. We don’t always know how to resolve issues when things don’t go to plan in a relationship

In Couples counselling, I encourage the couple to understand their own position and explore how both positions interact within the relationship.

Relationship difficulties are not restricted to intimate relationships but can also include friendships, family or working relationships. Being in a relationship which experiences conflict or communication difficulties can be very stressful and unfulfilling.

Individual counselling for relationships provides help and space to gain understanding of what is happening within the relationship and particularly your own position within the relationship.


Most of us experience a level of stress or anxiety from time to time and this can often provide us with a level of motivation and productivity that we require.

However, a pattern of anxiety that affects how you live your life can render you debilitated and leave you feeling extremely frustrated.

I work to build your awareness of the inner critic in yourself, and the relationship you have with that critical inner voice and what affect that has on your anxiety.

Everyone has their own unique experience of anxiety and I help you to understand physiological changes that occur during anxiety and panic and we work to decrease the sense of risk or danger that can often perpetuate the cycle. I sometimes use aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you gain insight into how your thoughts and feelings may play a role in your anxiety.



Abuse can happen at any stage in your life, from childhood through adulthood and during your latter years. Abuse can come in many different forms, from different people. There is not only physical violence and sexual abuse, but there is also the threat of violence, emotional manipulation and financial abuse to name a few.

All types of abuse can cause pain (physically or psychologically) that take time to heal.  No one ‘deserves’ or ‘asks’ to be abused.

I offer you the space to be heard, listened to and provide the necessary support to help you to move forward.